Meet & Greet

Meet & Greet

Meet & Greet

***Cost of VIP does not include price of concert ticket, must be purchased separately***

Come hang with your bois! We are so stoked to be back out on the open road and can't wait to see everyone! Snag a meet and greet ticket and you will:

1. Vibe with the band and crew in our swanky, state of the art motorhome. 

2. Enjoy acoustic versions of your favorite tunes. 

3. Get a souvenir polaroid photo as well as digital photos with the band. 

4. The band is happy to sign any memorabilia you bring.

5. (For an extra fee we can arrange alone time with our drummer. Just kidding, don't tell him we said that)

Meet and Greets run 30 minutes. Our tour manager “Chris” will send an email with meet up instructions ahead of the show. See you there!